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Wind Farms Division

Wind power and renewable energy plants

In a sector in continuous development, ROXU Group has extensive experience in carrying out projects all over the world, making it one of the leading companies in renewable energy projects. It offers the safest and most competitive lifting and transport solutions on the market.


Wind farms: Planning, design and profitability

ROXU Group’s engineering department is involved from the earliest stage of a wind farm project. It has innovative technological tools to carry out exhaustive lift plans where the characteristics of the cranes and the positions of all the components of the wind turbine are indicated.

wind farm logistics

Wind turbine logistics

Having the highest standards in logistics processes is synonymous with quality in the project as a whole. Lattice boom cranes, mobile cranes, compact cranes, modular equipment, aerial platforms, drones. Research, development and sustainable investment in state-of-the-art, versatile, flexible machinery with the widest range of possibilities for lifting loads and moving dynamically in wind farms.

wind farm maintenance

Wind turbine maintenance

More than 500 aerial work platforms of up to 90m in height that adapt to any type of need and guarantee the best conditions for carrying out maintenance work on wind turbines safely and efficiently.


Construction of wind farms

Our logistics processes and installation services optimize the supply chain and make it easier to meet deadlines. Wind turbines of up to 4.5 MW unit power with a maximum height of 114 metres are currently being installed. In the near future, the assembly of wind turbines with more than 5MW and heights of up to 150 meters will be tackled.

Our cranes, with the most advanced technology